October 25, 2007

24 Season 7 Preview

I know I haven't blogged in a while, but here is something to hold everyone over till I get back to it again.

April 2, 2007

Planet Earth

I had seen commercials a few weeks back for this show on Discovery HD called "Planet Earth" which basically looked like an IMAX movie but on HD. So, last night, I decided to check it out.

Let me tell you, if you haven't watched it, definitely do. It has some of the most amazing shots I've ever seen. Whether it's polar bears just getting out of their hibernation period for the first time, or catching a shot of a camel from the Gobi desert of which there are only 800 left on Earth, the shots are amazing. Watching it on a large HDTV is basically like seeing an IMAX.

It was at this point last night, that I realized that all of the talk of a true home entertainment system since the late '90s are now realized for me (minus the sound of course, but that will come later once I buy my own place).

March 18, 2007

Bones - 3/14/07- Bodies in the Book

It's been a few weeks since Bones has been on the air because of American Idol. Not that I'm watching that at all, so I'm glad that Bones is back.

The first thing we see is a body that is pulled up from the Chesapeake Bay. Brennan tells Booth that this murder is exactly like the first of three that she writes about in her book. They look at the man's brother-in-law but he has an alibi. With little to work on, the group keeps working.
Soon, they find another body. This is a young woman who is eaten by rats, the second of the murders in her book. After finding her husband has an alibi they have little to work on.
They find one more body, that of Brenna's publicist, eaten by fire-ants. Her assistant has an alibi for this one.

With little clues to go on, Booth soon realizes that the three are all members of a chat group that is dedicated to Brennan's book. He also realizes that the three murders were all done by different people, the original three suspects.

Overall, I thought it was a decent episode. Not great, but not bad. Good suspense, seeing as I couldn't guess the murderer(s) till the end.

My rating on "Bodies in the Book": 6/10

March 9, 2007

Heroes - 3/5/07 - Parasite


Peter and Hiro team up:
We learn that Nathan Patrelli is working for the FBI to try to take down Linderman. After he is called to Vegas for a meeting with Linderman, the FBI give Nathan a wire and tell him to record the conversation he has with him. Hiro meets up with Nathan (the "frying man" as he likes to call him) and he tells Nathan he needs to get the sword which Linderman has. Nathan pretends Hiro is his curator and gets him into the secure area with the sword, which Hiro takes along with the help of Ando. Nathan chats with Linderman (played by the illustrious Malcolm McDowell of Clockwork Orange fame), and learns that he knows about his abilities.

Meanwhile, back in NY, Suresh learns of Sylar's true identity. He drugs him and inserts some drugs that he thinks will keep him powerless. As he tells Sylar of the list, he slowly regains his powers. Soon, he attacks Suresh and leaves him hanging...literally. Peter attempts to make contact with Suresh, but as he enters he feels blood. He looks up and there is Suresh. As he says "Sylar", the man comes out of the darkness and starts to open Peter's head as he screams in pain.

A lot of people have been saying that this was a better episode than the previous. I don't agree at all. I mean, it definitely was pretty good, but it's tough to beat the previous one. I definitely think it did a great job of making me want to watch it when it comes back (unlike Lost has done).

Who knows, maybe the execs at NBC have finally figured out what ABC couldn't. Periodic Dramas are great, as long as there is some end in sight...if not, people will tune out. Overall, I'd give this one an 8/10.

March 7, 2007

Jericho 2/28/07 - Black Jack

The town is running dangerously low on fuel and will likely not survive the impending winter. Someone comes forward and tells the town of a place called "Black Jack Fairgrounds", a place that has become a trading post of sorts. The town decides that since they have a salt mine, they will go try to trade for parts to make a windmill, so that they won't need the fuel anymore.

After making it out there, Jake, Johnston, Heather and Dale learn that it is also a place where people trade information. One thing they learn is that the U.S. has become splintered into 6 different capitals. After trying to get the part for the windmill, but learning of the owner's shady past, Jake and Johnston get into a fight with the local "authorities" of the post who act more like thugs trying to control the peace. They escape with the necessary part to make the windmill, and upon getting back to town Dale realizes that because the girl he's friends with is the daughter of the mine owner, they're "rich".

Meanwhile, back in Jericho, we learn more about Dawkins' past. We learn that he believes someone he calls "the old man" is the one that is watching him. We also learn that Jericho was to be the meeting place for the group that he was a part of. Dawkins decides to go after "the old man" to bring the fight to him, before he does something to Dawkins.

Not a bad episode. Kind of a filler, I thought, besides the things we learn about Dawkins. I'd give it about a 5/10. Right in the middle. Hopefully this weeks episode will be better. It was actually on tonight, but since I didn't watch Lost last week (and I'll have to catch up before this week's), I'll be checking it out this weekend, most likely.